How to Create and Sell Online Courses on Your WordPress Website with One Plugin

WordPress LMS plugin for themes lifter LMS

Chris here. I wanted to introduce you to a project I’ve been working on for quite some time called lifterLMS. Figuring out how to create and sell online courses is a passion of mine.

One of the ways you can turn your WordPress powered website or blog into a “money-maker” is to create and sell online courses from your website. We’ve been doing that for a while over at our Organic Life Guru website. If you want more time at home with your family or want to build an online business, creating and selling online courses is an option that can work if you’re ready to get to work creating some educational material.

Over the past 6 months I’ve been developing a WordPress LMS plugin with codeBOX that makes it so you can quickly add online courses to your website. It’s called lifterLMS. “LMS” stands for Learning Management System.

We just made it available to the public until Monday November 3. Then we’re taking it off the market and focusing our efforts on the innovators who purchased early so we can build out and further develop the features they want. lifterLMS will again become available for purchase in January 2015.

I’d love see any of you creative entrepreneurs with something to teach, and a desire to build a business around that knowledge, join and become a lifterLMS VIP.

Here’s what lifterLMS does as of today …

lifterLMS Features

LMS & eLearning Features

Organize Your LMS - Easily create an unlimited number of courses, sections, and lessons.

Modern Admin Interface – Intuitive course creation interface with drag and drop lesson capabilities for easy organization

Ready for any Medium – Create video lessons, audio lessons, text­based lessons, downloads, or any combination

Test Your Students – Quizzes and assignments with automatic or manual grading coming soon …

Certificates – Automatically issue custom, printable certificates upon completion of course material

Time Your Content – Drip­feed your course content, create prerequisites, or leave it wide open

Track and Visualize Student Progress – Built­-in e­learning analytics and reporting coming soon …

Engage Your Students – Course discussions area coming soon …

Google Hangouts & Live Events – Live events management and Google Hangouts integration to create blended learning experiences coming soon …

Ecommerce Features

Native Shopping Cart Included – Built in shopping cart designed specifically to the needs of a LMS website with no third party shopping carts required

Choose Your Payment Type – Sell your courses for a one­time price or offer subscription payments

Watch Your Sales Grow – Track your sales and income with built in ecommerce order tracking

Payment Gateways – Works with Paypal out of the box, including subscriptions + Stripe credit card processing and more coming soon …

WooCommerce Option – One click setting available to integrate with WooCommerce if you want to use their system and extensions

Discounts and Promotions – Custom coupon system for your promotion needs coming soon …

Membership Site Features

Advanced Restriction Settings – Create and sell unlimited membership levels to protect the whole site or specific groups of

Intuitive Member Management – Intuitive admin interface for creating and managing membership levels and related restricted access

Front­end Profiles and User Panels – Students will never have to log into WordPress. They will have custom student dashboards.

Engagement Features

Advanced Automated Emails – Easily set up personalized automated instant or time delayed emails to go out based on user action

Rengagement – Send pre­crafted personalized emails to users who have not logged into your LMS in a timeframe you select

Awards – Reward students for course progress and completion with certificates, achievements, and gamification to your LMS

lifterLMS General Features

Theme Agnostic – Works with any well coded WordPress theme so you can customize the look and feel to your heart’s content.

Responsive – Mobile responsive, device agnostic design.

Unprecedented Support – Responsive high level support direct from the team who created the WordPress LMS

lifterLMS Demo Video

Check out the lifterLMS demo video my business partner Joshua made …

 >> Click here to grab your copy of lifterLMS <<

How Industrial Agriculture Hurts Families in India and How You Can Help

My friend David Goldman is traveling to India to photograph and document the lives of people affected by the sugarcane industry. David is crowd funding the project on IndeGoGo.

As large sugarcane factories are polluting once fertile land, politicians are looking the other way while underpaid and maltreated workers are contracting illnesses like chronic kidney disease (CKD). HIV continues to spread while the worker’s job related neglect of their parents and children can damage a family irreparably.  I will travel by oxcart with migrant workers from their villages to the factory towns, learning along the way what motivates them and what are the challenges they face both individually and as families. Once they begin to work I will accompany them in the fields and document on film and video what it means to be a sugarcane factory worker, it’s risks and it’s meager rewards.

~ David Goldman

David GoldmanCheck out David’s incentives for backing this project here: He has a lot of great incentives at low price points. On the higher end ($2,000), David will go anywhere in the United States and personally mentor you in photography over a weekend. I know David personally. He’s a great guy, and if you’re into the craft of photography, David is brilliant & a great teacher. A weekend with him would be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

At the end of the day what resonates with me about David’s work is how the commoditization of the sugarcane industry is influencing parents to detach from their children and elderly, abandoning them for low paid work.

I’m not against capitalism. I am against economics that isolate children.

This story needs to be told.

Let’s support David.

Click here for more info about David’s project

In Raising Children, Is Decency, Love & Work Ethic More Important than Happiness?

The parenting section of the bookstore is overwhelming sometimes—it’s “a giant, candy-colored monument to our collective panic,” as writer Jennifer Senior puts it. Why is parenthood filled with so much anxiety? Because the goal of modern, middle-class parents—to raise happy children—is so elusive. In this honest talk, she offers some kinder and more achievable aims.

Jennifer Senior is the author of All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood

The Tool You Need to Create and Sell Online Courses to Support Your Family

WordPress LMS plugin for themes lifter LMS

How to Make and Sell Online Courses

I’ve got some exciting news about a WordPress Learning Management System plugin that I’ve been quietly creating with the team at codeBOX.

It’s called lifterLMS:

The lifterLMS WordPress plugin gives people the ability to create and sell online courses all inside WordPress, all without needing other plugins to handle the ecommerce and membership site aspect of it.

How Making and Selling Online Courses Can Help Support Your Family

I’m not going to sugar coat it. The act of creating and selling online courses takes a lot of work. As you probably know, I’ve done that here.

It can create a nice passive income stream for you once you create some valuable online learning and push it out into the world.

I wanted to make a tool to make this whole crazy intersection between eLearning, membership sites, and ecommerce much easier.

That was the genesis of the lifterLMS WordPress LMS plugin.

How lifterLMS Came to Life …

lifterLMS logoI also know I couldn’t accomplish this technological challenge by myself. That’s why I teamed up with the talented team at codeBOX to make this dream a reality. In fact the team over there is so great, I’m slowly merging my web design and development business Badgett Web Design with theirs.

You know as the world continues to become more complex, it becomes increasingly harder to “go it alone.” There’s magic and genius when the right people come together. Entering into these types of partnerships can dramitically reduce stress in your life and increase potential, financial and otherwise.

The lifterLMS WordPress plugin for building your online courses website is one of those things where I hope I can help you push closer to the freedom and impact you seek in the world.


Unconventional Tips for Remote Working Parents on a Working Vacation

Working Vacation Airplane

Understand the No Boundary Bias of the Internet

There’s a funny thing about people on the internet. We’re hidden behind computer and smart phone screens. To the uninitiated pro web user, the autonomy makes people exhibit lots of interesting behavior.

One of those behaviors I call the no boundary bias. The interwebs are wonderful in how they connect people, but it can be somewhat misleading in how it strips out a lot of context.

Let me give you an example.

If you email someone, it feels immediate and personal, almost. as if your comment has been received straight away.

That’s not the case though. In most cases it takes some time for the receiver to process the email. And it’s not clear what else the receiver may have going on in their working or personal life.

The point is that the internet and all the efficiencies and scale it brings, creates a sense of entitlement and urgency in people. This is a good thing with technology.

However … it takes time to do business with a busy human being, not a machine.

So the point is …

If you work online, don’t feel bad or get stressed out if the human beings contacting you are frustrated with your lack of near immediate response time.

They may be missing the context of what else you got going on or are suffering from the no boundary bias.

Work Hard, Play Harder

I had a great vacation to visit family recently. I made the decision to not fully unplug because quite frankly my business is BOOMING, and I wanted to keep on top of the momentum.

That being said, I backed off the throttle a little bit, did not work on the weekends, and took big chunks out of the day to do fun family stuff.

That’s why we built these kind of businesses. Remember?

So if I ran 3 hours of conference calls with clients around the world, I would spend the next 6 hours enjoying time on the beach, surfing, and just being with those important people I traveled to see.

Transparency Rules

I’ve heard some people say, that if you run a location independent business, don’t tell people if you’re travelling because they’ll think you aren’t serious or committed.

I don’t agree with this at all.

Be open with your clients and customers if you want.

People like doing business with real people that have a real life.

If they know you’re travelling, they might even be more understanding if you’re a little slower than usual.

Working Vacation is an Art Form

Some of my income is totally passive income, so when I go on vacation, it really doesn’t matter.

Other parts of my income are service business based. If I’m not unplugging completely and want to work while traveling, the tips in this article are principles I live by.

Enjoy your next working vacation!

And never forget you built a location independent business so you could take it anywhere.

Also be sure to still take those vacations where you unplug completely!