Do You Trust Yourself? How to Increase Productivity

O QUE AS PALAVRAS NÃO DIZEM OS OLHOS FALAM - What the words not say, her eyes speak...

I just finished reading Getting Things Done by Mark Allen. It’s a classic in the productivity category.

I’m not going to get into the details of the tips and tricks I learned about being more productive. I do want to get into why low productivity, and doing things inefficiently, creates a state of stress and overwhelm. As entrepreneurial parents, stress and overwhelm are the achilles heel of success in business and parenting.

When you don’t get the things done that you promise yourself and others, you violate trust. You are an inherently honest human being, so when this happens, stress, anxiety, and anger creep in.

Trust is the currency of effective happy parenting and business relationships.

A lot of these trust agreements reside at subconscious levels, you may not be aware of all the contracts you have in place with yourself and others.

If you want to reduce the stress and overwhelm in your life as it relates to productivity, the very first step is to bring these contracts (big and small) that you have in your working and home life into your awareness.

Once you see clearly where the trust conflicts are arising, you know where you need to focus more attention or actually let go and release some contracts.

Your Productivity Journey

I wish you well on your productivity journey! If you enjoyed this article, you might also like this one by Keren Threlfall on productivity for parents.


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