How to Make a Green Smoothie for Kids

how to make a green smoothie for kids

Top 5 tips on how to make a green smoothie for kids

Introducing new foods and changing eating habits is not like flipping a switch. The biggest successes come from a conscious, mindful, long term approach. Helping your family enjoy and appreciate healthy and energizing green smoothies on a regular basis is one of the best gifts you can give.

1) Make the idea of green smoothies fun

Kids have an incredible BS detector. They can tell when you’re trying to give them something that you think they’ll reject. Have confidence when you deliver the tasty beverage. Lead by example and regularly enjoy green smoothies in front of them.

Make the process fun while you prepare the green smoothie. Let them help prepare the greens and load the blender. Mix up the color of the smoothie with bold colors that come from things like blueberries and beets.  Kids are much more accepting to eating greens when they grow the greens themselves in their own garden.

2) Go light on the greens at first

Most people, not just kids, often do better by starting with a “weak” green smoothie. Try starting with just 10% greens in a green smoothie for kids. Make it sweet with honey. People transitioning to green smoothies have a higher success rate when they ease into it with sweeter, more “dessert-like” smoothies and gradually transition into a heavier greens mix.

3) Start with milder greens when making green smoothies for children

When you’re just starting the journey of figuring out how to make a green smoothie for kids, start really small by just sneaking in a tiny amount of romaine lettuce. See if you can pull it off without them noticing a change in taste or appearance of the beverage. Romaine lettuce is very mild tasting and is the “gateway drug” to the hardcore greens like kale, swiss chard, and even parsley.

4) Share stories about other animals that eat greens

Point out to your kids how cows, horses, and even dogs eat greens. Show (don’t just tell) them how normal it is to eat leafy greens. This storybook about how animals eat greens had a really positive impact on my daughter’s desire to eat green smoothies. Story sells as we say in the marketing world. And it’s really cool to learn about just how much green eating is going on in the rest of the animal kingdom. Keep in mind that our kids are often bombarded by marketing messages that glorify meat, cheese, sugar, breads, and other fast foods like french fries. Our children depend on us for a little reality check when it comes to nutrition options.

5) Turn it into a popsicle

Make your own popsicles, and you’ve instantly turned your green smoothie into a dessert item. That same green smoothie just became instantly more desirable and fun.

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