How Industrial Agriculture Hurts Families in India and How You Can Help

My friend David Goldman is traveling to India to photograph and document the lives of people affected by the sugarcane industry. David is crowd funding the project on IndeGoGo.

As large sugarcane factories are polluting once fertile land, politicians are looking the other way while underpaid and maltreated workers are contracting illnesses like chronic kidney disease (CKD). HIV continues to spread while the worker’s job related neglect of their parents and children can damage a family irreparably.  I will travel by oxcart with migrant workers from their villages to the factory towns, learning along the way what motivates them and what are the challenges they face both individually and as families. Once they begin to work I will accompany them in the fields and document on film and video what it means to be a sugarcane factory worker, it’s risks and it’s meager rewards.

~ David Goldman

David GoldmanCheck out David’s incentives for backing this project here: He has a lot of great incentives at low price points. On the higher end ($2,000), David will go anywhere in the United States and personally mentor you in photography over a weekend. I know David personally. He’s a great guy, and if you’re into the craft of photography, David is brilliant & a great teacher. A weekend with him would be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

At the end of the day what resonates with me about David’s work is how the commoditization of the sugarcane industry is influencing parents to detach from their children and elderly, abandoning them for low paid work.

I’m not against capitalism. I am against economics that isolate children.

This story needs to be told.

Let’s support David.

Click here for more info about David’s project

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