How to Sell Courses Online with LifterLMS: a WordPress Learning Management System

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How to Sell Online Courses

As those of you know who have been following us for a while, we talk a lot about how to sell online courses. As an “unconventional parent” you’re likely looking for ways to make money online so you can be at home with your #1 priority, your family. For us, we’ve found some success with selling gardening courses, more specifically “permaculture courses” online over at Organic Life Guru. But what’s more exciting is the WordPress LMS plugin called LifterLMS that we’ve release so you can create and sell your own online courses:

What is LifterLMS all About?

How to Get Started with Online Courses …

  1. Stop trying to be the best in the world and just help people less experienced than you with your uniqu ability
  2. Create a repeatable process and publish it via text, video, and audio
  3. Actively offer people a way to access your process for free or for profit with a Learning Management System

Are There Other Education Entrepreneurs Out There?

Yes. Check out LMScast.

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Chris Badgett is the founder of the Unconventional Parents Community, Lifter LMS, Badgett Web Design and Organic Life Guru. He believes that a conscious approach to parenting and entrepreneurship will heal and change the world.

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  1. Actually you can’t get online cuesros until you enroll in a local program. Depending on what degree you want. You can enroll in a tech fast course for LPN in one year. An Associate RN in two years. Or a full degree in a four year program. You can get any of the lesser degrees and bridge online to a higher all require actual interms. I suggest speaking to nurses in a Geriatric Facility they can tell you of programs approved in your State. Good Luck we need you!

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