Startup Dads: The #1 Secret on How to Start a Business Online

Permaculture Design Course Online_How to build a swale Permaculture Institute

We had an idea almost 3 years ago on what our online business might look like. We knew we wanted to serve organic gardeners and permaculturists. We launched Organic Life Guru and made the first courses ourselves. We reached out to leaders in the movement like Toby Hemenway and Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski to help combine talents and co-create online gardening courses that our organic growing tribe wanted.

We flew to Costa Rica and spent a winter there, working remotely and preparing to film this Permaculture Design Course. We brought in a talented videographer to increase the production quality of our videos.

It then took over a year from filming the event to bring the completed online permaculture design course to market. We recorded the audio separately, and syncing became a challenge. Editing two weeks of content is a massive challenge. We eventually brought in more help from a professional for that.

Uploading that much video is a challenge, so we mailed a hard drive full of video files to upload to someone with a much better internet connection than us.

We launched the permaculture design course and put these 2 videos about permaculture patterns and invisible structures in permaculture up for free to help get the word out.

While all this is happening, we still had to take care of our family and gardens. We have several jobs and businesses we had to keep going. With a company I co-own called codeBOX, I was in the middle of launching our software product to empower education entrepreneurs looking to build online courses or create online schools called LifterLMS.

I hope this inspires you to keep going. You’re not alone in your struggles. There are other startup dads and moms out there. By the way, if you’re feeling lonely as a startup dad, check out the Startup Dad Headquarters Podcast.

So the #1 Secret on How to Start a Business Online …

Just keep going

It’s kind of wild. I have the privilege of unique experiences as a long distance hiker, sled dog musher, world traveler, entrepreneur, and outdoor leader that helped shape my ability to focus and persist. But I’ve realized how so many people live in a state of fractured focus and distraction.

Stamina and marathoning in focus is becoming such a rare human facility.

Stamina and stick-to-it-iveness a competitive advantage like never before. That’s what we’ve learned with Organic Life Guru and figuring out how to create online courses.

Just keep going!


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Chris Badgett is the founder of the Unconventional Parents Community, Lifter LMS, Badgett Web Design and Organic Life Guru. He believes that a conscious approach to parenting and entrepreneurship will heal and change the world.

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